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SDG2.4.1 Assessing progress towards sustainable cropping systems: The case of China

Assessing the environmental intensity for land use, irrigation water consumption, excess N application and excess P application of all provinces in China from 1987-2015.

SDG11.3.1 Monitoring and assessing global urbanization progress

Focusing on the indicator 11.3.1: Ratio of land consumption rate (LCR) to population growth rate (PGR), the global 10-meter resolution urban impervious surface product was produced. The global urbanization progress was monitored and assessed every five years from 1990 to 2015 in more than 1800 cities around the world.

SDG15.3.1 Global land degradation monitoring and assessment

Based on the UNCCD framework and big earth data, the net land recovery contribution was calculated around the world, and the global land degradation was monitored and assessed from 2000 to 2015.