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SDGs Workbench

SDGs Workbench provides an integrated online work environment for researchers. Users can use a variety of online SDGs tools and open-source software, access personal data and share data, apply for cloud resources, and conduct online SDGs computational analysis and collaboration.

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SDGs Workbench provides researchers with an online work environment that integrates SDGs tools, data, and computational analysis. The Workbench supports the integrated sharing and online use of SDGs research resources. The tools and services provided include:

SDGs tools: SDGs tools support application services such as on-demand production of products and indicator calculation

Open-source software: Desktop application software and Web application software support SDGs data analysis and application services

Data sharing: Users can access and use personal data and share data

Online application of cloud resources: Users can apply online for Elastic Cloud Service (ECS), high-performance computing resources and object storage resources