SDGSAT-1 Satellite Data

SDG Satellite SDG-1, known as SDGSAT-1, is the first satellite developed specifically for the implementation of UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG), and the first Earth science satellite among the satellites developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which is launched successfully into orbit On november 5, 2021.

Tailored to the needs of monitoring and evaluating indicators related to global SDGs, SDGSAT-1 is equipped with three kinds of payloads including thermal infrared, low-light-level and multi-spectral imagers, orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 505 km and an inclination angle of 97.5.

The three payloads, combined with their 300 km-wide swaths, can provide all-time, all-weather, multi-load cooperative observations, achieving global coverage in 11 days.

SDGSAT-1 aims to achieve the fine depiction of "traces of human activities" and therefore to provide exclusive data support for the SDG indicators which reflect the interaction between human activities and nature.

China will develop and operate follow-on satellites to and provide more indicator-tailored data sources to facilitate global SDG implementation.

TISRange width/Pixel resolution@505km300km/30m
Detection spectra/NETD8~10.5μm/0.2K@300K; 10.3~11.3μm/0.2K@300; 11.5~12.5μm/0.2K@300
Dynamic range220K~340K
Static/Dynamic MTF≥0.1@30m (sub-satellite point)
Radiometric calibrationAbsolute calibration: better than 1K@300K; Relative calibration: better than 5%
Digitalizing bit≥12bit
Code rate (Uncompressed)Peak power dissipation≤230Mbps; Average≤70Mbps
CalibrationBlack body calibration in full field of view
LLLSpectrum rangePanchromatic: 450nm~900nm; B: 430nm~520nm; G: 520 nm~615nm; R: 615nm~900nm
Pixel resolution@505kmPanchromatic: 10m; RGB: 40m
SNR-city’s main road lamplightPanchromatic&RGB (1.0-2 W/m2/sr) ≥ 50
SNR-City and town residential areaPanchromatic&RGB (1.6-3 W/m2/sr) ≥ 10
SNR-Polar moonlightPanchromatic ≥ 10
Code rate (Uncompressed)≤400Mbps
MIISpectrum settingsB1(deep blue 1): 380nm~420nm; B2(deep blue 2): 420nm~460nm; B3(blue): 460nm~520nm; B4(green): 520nm~600nm; B5(red): 630nm~690nm; B6(red edge): 765nm~805nm; B7(near-infrared): 805nm~900nm
Pixel resolution10m@505km
SNRB1 ≥ 130; B2~B6 ≥ 150
Code ratenot more than 2.4 Gbps (uncompressed, total)